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For Sale:  

Hope Hill Farm generally has new foals for sale each year. We also occasionally have mature horses for sale.  We regularly sell horses on contract to qualified buyers. Please contact us if there is a horse you are interested in knowing more about. We do not have any horses for sale at this time but are expecting two very exciting foals in 2017






2017 Foals....


Lady Kate X  The Blue Augustus

Katie. ...Ee Aa 

Augustus....EE  Blagdon

    Katie is my Ride and Drive Mare.  Her sire is Guthries Tumbler  who was brought over from James Taylors stables in the U.K. by Ed Guthrie was owned by Aunique Gypsy Farm.  James Taylor said he was maybe the nicest Stallion he had ever known.  Tumbler died at over 25 years of age and his foals are still very coveted. Katie has her Daddys' love of people and definately his hair. 

    The foals Sire is,  The Blue Augustus. Son of  The Blue Horse and Grandson of Bullseye.  Gus was imported by Hope Hill Farm in May 2015 from Peter  Ash of Ash Cobs in Britian.   This foal  ( and one other by Lennys Tinkerbell) will be Gus's first foals.  We are very excited about this match.











 Clononeen Amethyst  X  Guthries Tumbler

Amethyst ... Aa  EE  AA


    Clononeen Amethyst  is due in June with an incredible foal by Guthries Tumbler.   She is an amazing Mare. Her Sire was the quite famous and recently lost Stallion Clononeen Tumbleweed. He was a well loved Stallion that passed his beautiful hair and disposition onto his daughter. Tumbleweed  was honored  Hall of Fame .  She is 13.1 and Bay Tobiano. She is a Proper Cob with a capital P.  This girl has tons silky feather that she passes on to her foals.    

     Guthrie Tumbler was a legend.  He came to the U.S. from James Taylor of Brackenhill Stables .  He died recently at the age of  25.  Throughout his life he produced incredible offspring with his well known sweet disposition.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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